Monday, July 18, 2016

The Aparri Rant

So today I was scrolling through the Animal Jam Community on Google+, run by Snowyclaw, and I find this video that somebody kept on posting for some reason:

Zarfy said some pretty strong things about Aparri in there, and if half of them are true, then Aparri could be in big trouble.
These are the points that he made:

- Aparri used a program to hack into peoples accounts and steal their items

- He hacked a beta creature mask (rarest item in the game) from a twelve year old girl

- He called someone the "n" word (I'm not even going to write it and then bleep out part of it, it's that bad)

-He leaked Zarfy's private information to the world

-Bruizer and Aparri teamed up against Zarfy to make him lose his credibility, and give him a horrible rep

- He got into the developers website and leaked pictures of the items that were unreleased

If you'd like to watch the full video, click ^*here*^

I honestly don't know what to believe, so I'm going to stay judgment free, and let you judge for yourself.

Also, sorry for two Aparri-themed posts in a row, this was just really big news to me.



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