Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Animal Jam Story Part Three

Hey, remember my friend that tried to introduce me to Animal Jam in the first place? 
Well this segment is all about her, because she played a big role in my life on AJ.

So of course we were buddies, we hung out in the pillow room a lot. She loved getting adopted. To be honest I kind of hated it, but she was my only friend, online and in real life. So I went along with it, and we had some role-playing adventures and what not. Eventually we exchanged passwords. NEVER DO THIS.
I cannot stress this enough. The only reason Aparri and WisteriaMoon do it is because they are really great friends and if they did take anything, their Youtube careers would be officially over. 

But anyways, we exchanged passwords and got each others daily spins if the other person was away or forgot. 
One time when I logged in, I couldn't find my brown tail armour ANYWHERE (it was one of the sought after items of the time). I checked my sister's account but still couldn't find it. Then I was going to ask my friend where it was, but when I looked up her player card, there she was wearing my brown tail armour. 

Of course I was pretty annoyed, but not angry, because I could've gone back and taken it whenever I wanted. She said she was just trying it on, anyways, so what was the big deal?

Fast forward a couple of months, my sister and I decided to quit AJ. It was a really big decision for us because AJ was basically our lives. But the community was toxic and it was making us sick, mentally. Around this time we also moved out about two hours drive away from my friend. This was the worst move we'd ever done, because I had no friends and didn't intend n making any.

Me and my friend didn't really keep in touch. I moved on and made some amazing friends, she moved on and got really close with another girl (that I really hated at the time).

After a couple of months (or maybe a year, I'm honestly not sure when), I decided to get back on AJ.
The reason was that I wanted to help heal the community again. I made some friends, I helped New Jammers, sent out random gifts, held Fashion Shows, life was good.

However the first time I logged in, everything was gone. I'm not even kidding, my inventory was basically empty. My sister said hers was empty as well. We checked my friends account, and there she was, wearing our stuff. We had never given her permission to use our things, and she had changed her password right before we left. 

We asked for her items back, but she denied everything and said that she had never done anything to our accounts. 

I was still buddies with her, and only deleted her recently.

So, just don't share passwords, WITH ANYBODY.

Anyways, have a great day everyone!

(P.S I still didn't get my tail armour back).

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