Friday, July 22, 2016

A Tour of My Den

Diamonds on the Daily Spin! This is going to be a good day.

So today I thought I would give you guys a tour of my den because I'm kind of short on time and I can't think of anything else to do that won't take forever. 

For some reason all of my dens tend to look the same... but I'm still going to give you a tour of this one, because there are some differences.

And at the top of the Barn den we have a random cluster of stuff. That piano water fountain thing is really fun as an outdoor accessory, I think it was sold during Make Music Day...

And here we have another random cluster of stuff. Whenever I make a new den it always seems to go the floral way, I guess it's just my style?

I really love my tomato plants. If I were offered a purple long for them, I would decline. I've had them ever since I joined basically. Actually, maybe around 2013, but I've had them ever since I could remember.

A little place to sit, only you'd just barely fit on the bench. I should fix that. I also really love those lit up Jamaaliday trees, they really elevate the den.

And finally we have the top of the den. another random cluster of stuff. Cool.

So that's it for my den tour Jammers, have a happy weekend, and I'll see you on Monday (or maybe Tuesday, I don't know yet).

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