Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Find Open World" Button

Well, that's probably how my first encounter with the "Find Open World" button.
So, I did what I always do when I'm unsure about what something is: I completely forgot about it and ignored it until I randomly stumbled across it during one of my internet strolls.

So, no, I did not figure this out on my own, Wolffeycat made a video on it, if you'd like to watch it instead of reading my blog post, click *(here)*

But anyways, here's what that button means:

You know when you go into Aldan to trade or meet up with one of your super ultra rare buddies, but that darn Coral Canyons is just full? Well, if you enable "Find Open World", it basically means that if you click on Coral Canyons while in the Aldan world, but the Coral Canyons in Aldan is full, then it would take you to a different Coral Canyons in a different server - say, Comet - .

If The Coral Canyons in Aldan is not full, then it would just take you to the Coral Canyons in Aldan.

I find this feature annoying, because if I'm in Aldan trying to get to my sister (her JAGs are always full), then I want to stay in Aldan instead of being whisked away to Kilimanjaro or something, but you guys can decide for yourselves :)

Have a great day friends!


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