Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Thoughts on Aparri

Ah yes, the controversial topic of famous Jammers. 
Hardly something I'd shy away from. But before I start, just be aware that these are my personal opinions, you don't have to agree with me, but please don't get too frustrated about what I write, as it is just my opinion.

In case you have been living under a rock, here is Aparri:

He is an Animal Jam Youtuber, (and recently, a blogger on the Animal Jam Spirit Blog) who has surpassed 200 000 subscribers on his channel. He has a sister named Bepper, who also has another account, called Kosho.
Here she is:

You have to admit, Aparri's videos are entertaining, they made me laugh on a daily basis. I was subscribed at about 60 000 and back then I'll admit I enjoyed his videos more. He seemed more down to earth and just more... relate-able.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy his videos to a certain extent, but they just aren't as funny or as entertaining.
Take this video for example:
This video was pretty much only about the bright idea hats. Now I understand that he uploads every day, and I respect that, but so does Julian2, and Julian basically invents all of the videos for other AJ Youtubers to use. Take this Aparri video for example:

Yeah, pretty cool right? Well, Julian2 made the same video 11 months ago.

(It's basically the same video too).

Okay yeah, probably a coincidence, but Julian2 still made it first.

Hey! Whaddya' know? Another one!

I get it, there isn't much content on AJ, but at least try to make the title slightly different?

Now, I lived with this for a while, defended Aparri to my sister when necessary (she has always been indifferent to him, and still is), and liked and watched his videos daily. But that all changed when this video came out:

If you haven't watched this video, it's basically about how rare chicken hats, glossy cupid wings, party hats, golden gloves, and rare necklaces should all be worth about 4 black long collars each. This presented me with a problem. Because Aparri is a famous jammer. He can influence the game in a lot of ways, including the rarity system. 
I think he knows this. Which means he is using this power to single-handedly change the way the system works.

I do not believe any one person should have the power to shape a whole community, no matter how honourable the intention. As Animal Jam is a very different kind of game, where no single person can change something, unless they are famous, like Aparri.

Of course, if he didn't know he could make such an impact, than this presents a much bigger problem. Somebody unaware of how their actions could shape or destroy an item's rarity or value should not be able to exert that much control, especially over a democratically oriented community, where the rarity of one item is determined by the masses. Especially considering how popular he is.

However, even after all of this so-called "hate", I still cannot find it in my heart to hate Aparri. Sure, it seemed that way from my post, but even though he may have made some bad decisions in my mind, his intentions were still in the right place. He loves making AJ videos, so why would I hate him for that? I am no longer subscribed, but I do watch some of his videos, and I wish him luck in the future.

This is just what I've been thinking lately, and I decided to vomit it all into a blog post, so please excuse the general boring-ness.

Have a great day!



  1. I totally agree with you, but I am subscribed to him (I don't know why... I just am, but I don't watch his videos that much XD)
    But he also is too proud. For example, he once put a sword on trade, someone gave him a rare long blue wristband and he declined it (He said he expected something better)!

    1. Yeah! I remember that. Thanks for stating your opinion 030



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