Saturday, November 26, 2016

Another Official Animal Jam Blog!

Hey there people of the Internet!

In case you didn't know, I live in Canada, and there are two official languages of Canada: English and french. I can speak both, since there's this thing called "french immersion".

I've been really curious about what it's like to play AJ in different countries since I recently encountered a few Jammers visiting from their Brazilian and French servers. Since I know French, I thought it would be fitting for me to try to find a few resources for French Jammers around the Internet. Somehow I found the official Animal Jam blog for the french Jammers out there: "Le Petit Explorateur", which translates to "the small explorer" (possibly it could mean the young explorer, but I'm not too sure!)

As you can see, it almost looks exactly the same as The Daily Explorer. I decided to poke around a little bit to find out what this french blog was all about.

One of the first differences that immediately jumped out at me was this:

The alphas actually write their own posts! If I really rack my memory, I'm sure I can remember a post or two that was written by Peck for an art contest, or Greely for jammer safety, but not every single post. For some reason, I couldn't find any posts that were written by Cosmo, so I'm not even sure if he really exists on Le Petit Explorateur...

Another thing I noticed when scrolling through this blog was that they use much the same format, and even the same artwork, which isn't very surprising, given that Le Petit Explorateur is basically a French version of The Daily Explorer.

This was a post about the Jammer Snaps Contests. That cool picture with the polar bear talking in front of the camera is actually what the Jam-a-Gram looks like for when AJHQ sends in your News Crew Plaque if you've won it.

Speaking of News Crew, I was very curious about how News Crew was organised on the blog. Unfortunately, there was no bulletin on the side which tells you the different topics, but I encountered a french News Crew member who explained it all to me.

Le Petit Explorateur doesn't actually have "News Crew". It has this thing called "Histoires de Jammeurs" which is basically a short story writing contest. It was only introduced in January of this year, which I found interesting. There must not be many people running around the french servers with those camera badges!

I noticed a few other differences, but they weren't that drastic, so I'll just list them very quickly here:

The people who write the posts for this blog like to use different colours of font frequently in their posts, most notably blue and orange.

This isn't really a difference, in fact it's exactly the same. I just want to confirm that the RIMs on the french servers are exactly the same, and even the posts are simply translated into french.

For the french News Crew, you don't actually send in a screen shot, but AJHQ provides you with a cool little art piece. Pretty jazzy if I do say so myself!

In general, the posts seem to contain more emotes and shorter paragraphs.

Speaking of emotes, Le Petit Explorateur seems to use slightly different ones from the ones that our blog uses.

This is possibly the coolest difference between The Daily Explorer and Le Petit Explorateur:
The official french AJHQ account actually opens up their buddy requests from time to time and then announces it on their blog, so that everyone can have a chance to buddy the one and only AJHQ (or in this case, there are a whole bunch in a whole bunch of different languages and countries).


Sorry for the impossibly long post! I just found this whole other official blog stuff wonderfully interesting! I hope you did too. Here's today's masterpiece:

"Just keep swimmin' "



  1. Oh my god. That is so cool! Brb. I have to spend 13 hours checking this out. XD

    Do you mind if I use this on my Blog? I'm making a list of things that you can do on the daily explorer! I'll be sure to give you credit.

  2. Woah! Je peux un peu parler le français parce que je visite le Canada assez souvent. Le Daily Explorer semble plus intéressant que le nôtre.

  3. I like sand. Sand is squishy.
    We see the undertow, we say LETS GO!
    I suffer from short-term remembory loss.
    I like sand! Sand is squishy!
    We see the undertow, we say LETS GO!
    I suffer from short term remembory loss!

    This is what happens when you have the movie on DVD and you watch it for three days straight...

    -The Disney freak (or Disnerd), **FrozenWarrior**


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