Saturday, June 18, 2016

Social Experiments on AJ

All right, just so you guys know, I have never participated in a social experiment. I mean, well, yes I have...

So this is what happened:
I logged onto Animal Jam for the second time that day, - because I'm just weird and decided to reload my page a billion times - I find this gigantic crowd along the side of Jamaa Township. There was this person in the middle, sort of like this:

(In case you are unfamiliar with AJ slang, "grab a rope" means hanging yourself)

So immediately I knew that this was a social experiment. I almost walked away right then and there, but I thought maybe I should talk some sense into the people who were crowded around him, they were saying things sort of like this:

(These aren't the actual people but I swear to you, somebody was actually saying "I dislike you", which we all know means "I hate you, go die in a hole")

Even though this whole thing was just a social experiment, they didn't know that. They were all just so mean, bashing him like he meant nothing. And I'd just like to say: If this is the AJ community today, I'm scared. I am terrified, because AJ represents today's youth. And if this is how they act to somebody having serious problems with how they live their life, then I don't want to be part of that world. 

However, on a slightly more hopeful note, there were some people (meaning literally two people) who were very sweet.

So thank you, those people. You are the heroes of tomorrow. Sorry, I'm being too dramatic, aren't I? Sorry.




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