Monday, June 20, 2016

The Plaques of Jamaa

Okay, so first we'll start out with the plaques that you can get without too much difficulty, and then work our way up to the most rare and valuable plaques.

This plaque is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is make your way down to the Temple of Zios. Then go into the Chamber of Knowledge, the top left hand corner. At the very back of the room there's an icon that looks like this:

Click on it, then get full marks on the Online Safety Quiz  to receive this plaque.

This one is relatively easy to get as well, all you have to do is go to Jamaa Township, and click on the bulletin board. In the bottom left hand corner there's a weeny button that you can click on to submit your Howl.

If your Howl is featured in Jammer Central, you get a Howl Plaque. It's pretty simple, just think of something positive and uplifting to say about the Animal Jam community!

Now this plaque is not to be confused with the DIAMOND Artist Plaque. To obtain this plaque, you must have your art featured in Jammer Central. To do this, head down to the Art Studio in Coral Canyons.

In there, click on the Easel in the back of the room, and then design your drawing. Once done, click the "Send to AJHQ" button and you're good to go! If your artwork is featured, you should receive your plaque. This may take a couple of tries, but not too many.

The GOLDEN AJHQ plaque  

 This plaque is unobtainable right now. You may be able to get it through trading, but it has been replaced with the diamond AJHQ plaque. To get it, you had to be featured in a "Jammer Snaps" contest on the Daily Explorer. These plaques aren't impossibly rare, however. 

The next few I'll just bunch together because they're all hard to get. It depends on your point of view which one's the hardest

Next we have the golden News Crew Plaque, which is pretty much the bane of my existence. I want one so badly! Anyways, to get this plaque: Head over to The Daily Explorer, and click on the bulletin that holds the News Crew Contest entries. 

Then you write a report based on the topic at hand. It must be under 250 words and no profanity, fun, all of that good stuff.
Now this is a very hard plaque to get. Well, it's pretty much impossible now, because they're only giving out diamond News Crew plaques, but even back then it was almost impossible to get this plaque. AJHQ gets thousands of entries to every single one of these contests, so this may take you years, if not months, to get. Or at least to trade for, since they don't give these plaques out anymore, sorry for the confusion :P

Or, the diamond News Crew Plaque. Sorry, I took this screenshot a while ago :P

Okay, so if you win one of the News Crew contests today, you will get a diamond News Crew plaque, but if you have won a News Crew contest in the past, you will have gotten a GOLDEN News Crew plaque. Does that sort of clear it up?

This is the diamond AJHQ plaque. You win it by winning the Jammer Snaps contest on the Daily Explorer. These diamond plaques replaced the golden ones because Jammers were getting mixed up with which plaques were won on the DE, and which were won by having your work featured on Jammer Central.

The diamond Artist Plaque. To get this one, come over to the DE and click on the bulletin on the side that leads to the Art Contests.

Then draw the next topic. It could be on your own painting program, or in the Art Studio. Then submit your art to AJHQ. I'm not sure about the chances of getting these plaques though... I've never tried. My advice is to just keep at it 'till you get it!

The Epic Den plaque. Despite popular belief, this plaque is NOT earned by getting your den onto the epic dens list. It used to be, but now every once in a while AJHQ puts up a contest to win an Epic Den plaque. I'm not sure why the plaque isn't diamond though, because the winners are featured on the DE...

Video plaque? Movie plaque? Question plaque? I don't know what this plaque's name is... anyway, this plaque is somewhat of a mystery to me. Because I know it's gotten by having Tierney or Brady answer one of your questions, but I don't know whether you can still get them, or if they were discontinued... 

To submit a question to Tierney, go to Tierney's theater, it's in Crystal Sands. On the side, of it, there's a little shelf of videos. Click on it, and in the little box at the bottom you can type in your question and submit it to Tierney.

Oh boy, this post is getting long, isn't it?

All right. This is the contest plaque. This one was discontinues a while ago, so you can't get it anymore. AJHQ may bring it back someday though, just like what they did for the Epic Den plaque. So get out there and trade for it if you want!

The last plaque that I'll talk about is called the "Reward plaque". It looks exactly the same as a Howl Plaque only when you hover your mouse over it, the name says that it's a reward plaque. 

I think this post is long enough now, so I'll be doing another part with the special plaques that AJHQ has recently come up with, in another post.
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