Friday, July 15, 2016

My Animal Jam Story Part Two

So... We left off on my first day of Animal Jam, the one where I played Overflow for six hours straight XD
Anyways, I had a pretty uneventful few months. I didn't interact with anybody.
My sister joined a couple months after me. This is her:

We also made an account called "LightFeet" because... well I don't know why. But this is LightFeet. We hardly ever use this account but for some reason it holds a special place in our hearts.

Whoa, as I was going through that account, I found some really old Jam-a-grams from when they sent them out to everyone prompting the non members to buy a membership.

And also a random ad for Tunnel Town that I never downloaded. It was a mistake.

Now you know I'm from Canada hehe
 Anyways, back to the story.
My brother  also made an account after my sister.

He never plays AJ though, so he isn't even my buddy...
 I found some really cool JAGS on his account as well:

Yeah... Anyways, I got my first membership at the end of 2012. I remember we got on the phone and begged our cousin to get it for us (because she had a credit card and our parents refused). When she said yes we stayed up half the night wondering which pets we were going to get. Ah the good ol' days, when there were no rares to bother you. I mean, there were rares, but we hadn't found out yet XD.

This is also around the time when I remembered that my other friend played AJ as well (antomarley was her username)
So I buddied her and we hung out sometimes, but I didn't really interact much with other people other than the people I knew in real life.

Stay tuned for the next part, because it has a LOT of drama :P



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