Monday, July 11, 2016

Most Annoying Things About Animal Jam

UGH, introductions are too hard to write, just read the title. (professionalism at it's best, Pin, great job).

Also, !DISCLAIMER! I am not copying anybody on this, someone else on the internet has probably done or is doing what I am, so please kindly keep you mouths shut. (Whoa that came out mean, I am internally beating myself up about this).

So anyways, here's number one:

 You know when you log in and you see you buddy, so you click on their name and it just LOAD AND LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS forever, and finally you just give up and refresh the page? Well, that used to happen to me a lot, and sometimes still does. The way I try to fix it is by going to my den immediately after collecting my daily spin. Not sure why this works to be honest...

  This is for the people who go to WootMoo or Wisteria's den to trade or whatever they do there. Once, I actually got in in five clicks, which is basically a miracle. Just keep clicking, just keep clicking...

 'Nuff said

 Yeah, this is an unlikely one. The second time I logged onto Animal Jam, I immediately went to Crystal Sands to play Overflow, and while I was there I rode some slides. Now, I am so sick of that twirling motion, it actually makes me want to gag. Also, I actually go the achievement for riding fifty slides, so be proud I actually endured it.

 You know, the ones that come to your den, buddy you and then ask for your help. Or maybe the less tactful ones will ask for your headdress straight out. The sad part is, some people fall for this. I have seen it with my own eyes. Just be careful out there guys.

 When this shop was first released, me and my sister were devastated. Of course, everyone else in AJ that day was just overjoyed as well! Not! This was one of the things that made me temporarily quit AJ. Now I'm back, and this monstrosity is still here... sigh... It also took up my favourite spot to sit in Jamaa Township.

 Now, don't get me wrong, the den itself is pretty, but it's so obnoxious to decorate! I'm not that great at den decorating, but I do know that this is a den decorator's nightmare! Unless you're WisteriaMoon, that is. Or Snowyclaw. I'm not just saying that because I idolize them, they are really good with that symetrical thing. Here's an example:

Tell me that's not the prettiest thing you have ever seen in your entire life!
Anyways, moving on.

It's not really the items that annoy me, it's more of the lack of items that does. I actually love to spend my time underwater, I've decorated some dens and made some looks, but they're always mediocre, because I simply don't have enough cool items. Also, everyone else is more centered around land items, like spikes.

And finally, #9
The way they dance, and move, it's just so jiggly and unlike an actual falcon. Just look at it!

Okay, that is kind of cute, but there's just something about them that really puts me off!


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