Tuesday, July 12, 2016

AJHQ's Den

So I visited ajhq's den earlier today. It may have been a big mistake. This is literally the most random den in the history of Animal Jam. 
No surprise, it was the Enchanted Island den, or whatever you call it... don't come to my blog for education people, you aren't gonna get it, sorry ^_^
Anyways, the first thing I noticed was the multitude of people there, at the den.

This made it way harder to get a decent screenshot of whatever I was screenshot-ing. Thanks AJ. 
Also, random Jambassador plaque is not appreciated by me. Way to make us regular jammers feel... unspecial. At least I do anyways. Actually I think I'm just in a bad mood today, oh yeah, that's right, I didn't have breakfast. Great.

I also met a future fashion icon. You can totally tell. Just had to grab a quick selfie before anything else, this guys outfit was glorious. (I'm not even kidding, it was amazing).

 The ground floor of the castle was pretty cool, with a sort of space-like vibe. 

The second floor was also pretty cool, sort of Egyptian-y. I would buy this den if it didn't come with the islands, those things are just way too big for me to decorate, I just simply don't have enough items! I'm glad the Pixel Place was smaller.

Moving outside: SO MANY MASTERPIECES. It's expected, of course, but that's still a lot! I didn't even try counting, because I was too lazy and didn't explore very much.

I died of laughter. Ssshhh don't tell anyone, also, please don't get mad at me for pointing this out, it's just a funny looking face, for all of you who don't understand the joke.

 Ah, the spooky island. Usually you would put all of your phantom related items in this section, but ajhq was thinking out of the box. Sunflowers. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

 If you go down the waterfall, you are greeted with a random lynx plushie and a Graham statue. No, let me refraise that, you land IN the statue. *Sigh*.

Also, phantoms attacking a small, defenseless cottage. Getting a teeny bit dark there, dontcha think?

You know, this is actually a good idea, except the water is floating in space. But whatever, it's Animal Jam, a game where animals wear clothes and goats have square heads and bendy legs. Here's a photo for reference:

You see the legs, right?

Anyways, that's about it for today, have a JAM- oh darn, those dang puns keep getting the best of me!

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