Monday, December 19, 2016

Awkward Moments When Conversing in Animal Jam

Hey guys, happy Jamaalidays!
I present to you: some awkward moments in AJ! There sure are a ton *buries face in paws*

1. Those awkward pauses

You know that moment where both of you (or three of you, Mira forbid) are talking about something really cool, like that pet that just came out - and then all of a sudden, you both just stop, because you have nothing to say. And you stay like that for a really long time... just trying to find something to say to cut through that awful feeling. This happens to me a lot.

2. The short conversations

That time when your buddy comes to your den, greets you, and then just leaves without explanation, or worse, leaves right in the middle of a conversation.

Yeah... maybe the fact that I'm so awkward in real life is why I'm so awkward in Animal Jam.

3. When you both start talking about different things at once

This is my biggest fear on AJ. It happens so often in real life that sometimes I'm terrified to enter into a conversation with certain people, and that has transferred over to AJ, it's just such a cringefest (much like the word "cringefest" is a cringefest).

And then, there are those awkward moments when you're just out and about Jamaa:

4. Strangers talking to someone else but you think they're talking to you

Enough said.

Don't even get me started on conversing through Jam-a-Gram...

I hope you enjoyed this little post, have a great day!

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  1. Ikr, those awkward momments.. O.o XD


    Soo srry I didn't comment on the other post's! D:


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