Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Animal Jam Etiquette

Hullo Internet!
When playing AJ, I always try to follow basic rules of politeness, and try to be kind to as many people as possible. However, some people don't seem to be able to fathom the possibility that they have to be kind to other people back. These are the basic rules I feel people need to follow when interacting with fellow Jammers on Animal Jam.

1. When entering someone's den, greet them before entering a conversation

It just really irks me when people don't say at least "hi" before asking me to trade them my spike for their item(s). Even if you're just coming to their den to talk, you have to at least say "Hello". It makes the atmosphere so much more inviting and makes me less grouchy!

2. If asking someone to gift you, be polite

Or, better yet, don't ask anyone to gift you at all! If someone gifts you, it should be out of the kindness of their own heart, not because you keep badgering them. In fact, just ask I was taking these screenshots, this person JAGs me this wonderful message:

Thanks bro.
3. Don't stand on people's animals!

For me, personal space does exist on AJ. You can be close to the other person, or maybe right behind them, but once you're obscuring their nametag, you are too close bud.

4. Don't insult other people's looks, no matter how eccentric they may be

Look, if that fox wants to wear a sparkly boa, rare clown mask, and a superhero cape, nobody can stop them! If that's what makes them happy, they can wear it and work it! There is no need for you to impose on their style and their online life.

5. Don't use the following emotes without reason

Come on, I know that I declined your trade, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to get into a virtual fight with me. It is immature and childish. 

6. Respond to all of your Jam-a-Grams

If you don't like their trade, put them down gently. Don't just ignore them and leave them hanging. I guess you aren't obligated to respond to JAGS that are from AJHQ or where the sender doesn't expect an answer, but if the person sending you the JAG expects an answer back, you have to give it to them.

That's it for some AJ etiquette, thanks for reading! 

PS. I just bought this adorable polar bear pet to twin with my new fox look! They're so cute together!


  1. Hehe, funny thing about me, when I enter a den I usually say either "Hello!" or "Bad time?" Probably because I hate interrupting conversations. At least, in AJ... :: evil smile ::


    1. Yeah I feel so guilty every time I enter a den with more than one person in it, especially if they're having a conversation XD

    2. Ikr! If I go to one of my buddies and see them with ppl I don't know it's like, I'm there. GONE! XDD I have gotten rid of that sometimes, I just am like, Hi. Is this a bad time? XD


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