Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Famous Jammer Drama

Heyo Jammers! I'm technically supposed to be taking a break from all things AJ right now, but I think that this story is too important to ignore.

This whole situation involves the following influential and popular Jammers:

Every single one of these people was recently banned from Animal Jam. They originally just got a couple days of suspension, but recently some unknown person convinced AJHQ to completely ban all five accounts (Khrome, makeithappen21, Jurshy, Skorm, and Typicalrocky).

Khrome joking about the bannings on Instagram.

The reason they were banned is pretty simple, they all worked as a team to sell their AJ items for money. Skorm posted about this on Instagram but then deleted it. The post explains how he did in fact sell AJ items for money, and how sorry he was to all of his fans.

Skorm also mentioned another person in that post: IDozAnimalJamz, who was banned for multiple reasons, as well as selling items, which is why I didn't include him on this list. (He was documented hacking old beta accounts as well as some other things that aren't so kid-friendly).

He then deleted that post and in another one wishing his fans a Merry Christmas, posted this:

After that was when the unknown jammer supposedly was able to convince AJHQ to ban every single one of the accounts involved with the selling of items.

Khrome also had a few words to say on the subject.

Each one of the culprits with the exception of  Skorm joked a little bit about it on their Instagram accounts about being banned, but they all seemed okay with it. After all, Typicalrocky and makeithappen21 have already half quit, and Khrome already has a new account. No word on what Skorm is up to though, it's unclear whether he'll return to making videos in the future. Jurshy's future is also unclear, as I am unable to follow him on Instagram at the moment.


Just now Skorm has started posting about all of the drama that's been happening, apparently Aparri had something to do with it??

A conversation between makeithappen and Typicalrocky

And... yes, sure enough, Aparri did make a post about it!

So Aparri did nothing, which means that AJHQ simply changed their mind.

Extra Update:

Animal Jam just posted a response to all of the drama going on, and they seem to be pretty unhappy with it all. I think the post was made very quickly and by someone who may be fed up with all this drama.

Another person who was banned for being included in all of this scheming was a person called Phlexs, who seems to be pretty bitter for not getting his account suspended like the rest of them, instead getting a ban. After the news broke of all of the people involved getting banned, Phlexs decided to "expose" Aparri, which Skorm then reposted.

............... I'm so done.
 I don't know what to say to this. I honestly think that AJHQ might want to step back a little bit from the "famous jammers", because this could cause some serious problems in the future. This also makes me wonder why they haven't banned Aparri yet, assuming he has done what people said he has done.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Really good informative post but I think you're feeding the rumor mill by saying AJHQ banned Skorm because Aparri told them to do so. AJHQ explained themselves in their IG post. Bottom line is that Skorm broke the ToS and the punishment for trading in game items for real money has always been a ban. To think that a kid (even if he is "famous") could have that much pull within a company such as WildWorks/AJ is just silly. If AJ has been lax on that policy before they may have been trying to give another chance, benefit of the doubt, didn't have the proof required, etc. Maybe they are trying to set a precedent so that players know how serious this ToS violation is (for the reasons they stated). I definitely appreciate their efforts at keeping the game safe. Thanks for reading :)

    1. My apologies :D At the time of writing this post AJHQ hadn't released the statement, and when I updated it it seemed that it was pretty clear that Aparri had done nothing wrong (plus I was too lazy to update he post a fifth time XD )

  2. I was wondering why Skorm was banned (A friend told me about it, I don't watch skorm lol)
    Skorm and everyone else who was in on it tottaly deserved to be banned.
    They might have scammed some ppl out of money! (Not sure about that) But srsly, it was totally wrong what he did.

    What is your eye and hair color? I need it for my JH

  3. I can't reply to your comment AH! Anyways, Sarah, I don't believe that Skorm scammed anyone out of their money because then he would be criminally prosecuted, but it's still pretty bad, what he was doing. And my eyes and hair are both a dark brown XD generic much?

  4. Okay, so Skorm was selling items, and he got banned correct? Aparri, was BUYING items and he still stands? The AJ community is messed up....

    1. I agree :l Oh well, there's nothing I can do about that I guess.

    2. He should get banned, but not banned forever, at least a month? I'm not actually sure. I mean who know's how many non rare Jammers brought stuff to become rare, like the rare Jammers were like "I already have that stuff" And the non rare Jammers were like "If I don't do this, I might not get another chance to get rare.."

    3. Yeah, good point, the whole rarity system is kind of messed up. If Aparri were to be banned it would be a huge deal though. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

  5. I would have done anything for WisteriaMoon to have taken the place of Aparri in the drama...there's no reason why. I guess I feel like Aparri has enough hate to deal with and WisteriaMoon never gets any wherever she goes...

    1. You know, I'm actually going to have to agree with you, I don't really care for any of the famous jammers other than snowyclaw really :l You've got a good point.

  6. Just wondering Pin, are you accepting Authors? I would really want to become an author!


    1. I honestly never really thought about it! I would probably have to get to know you first, but help with the blog would be greatly appreciated :)

    2. Maybeeeeeeee... I dunno. To be honest I might only want one other person helping me: My sister, but se doesn't even want to do it so yeah probably XD I'll have to think about it more though.

  7. Well, I didn't know about this before, mostly because I am suspended from YouTube due to Trust Issues... I may explain in a different post.

    I believe ALL these people DESERVE to be suspended! I don't care if they NEEDED the money or not, first of all, who is stupid enough to spend REAL MONEY on items from a game! Membership is totally different, the money goes to the MAKERS who NEED THE MONEY to run the game! So, yes, maybe they DID need the money. But don't sell items for REAL MONEY on things they could buy on a VIRTUAL WORLD using VIRTUAL CURRENCY!


    1. Those are good points! Thanks for clearing up the membership vs virtual items question I had XD


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