Thursday, August 11, 2016

Things I do When Bored on AJ

(Does anyone else find it kind of weird that I literally restate the title in my first picture???)
Hey dudes! I'm not even going to bother with an opening paragraph all formal and everything, let's just jump right into it!
1. Decorate a new den

Ah, you know that feeling when a new den comes out in the Diamond Shop that you've been saving up for for a long time? Where you buy that sweet new den and just go crazy decorating it? For me, that feeling never gets old, so I can keep decorating and decorating and not get too bored.

That's my motto ;)
2. Make new looks

See previous posts for details. 
It's always better to have a whole bunch of awesome looks to choose from, other than just one main look, so spend your time making up new interesting and unconventional looks!
The best part is, you have this excuse:

3. Stalk your buddies

If you've been my buddy for a while, and we know each other relatively well, then chances are you've been stalked by me before.... does that sound creepy? That's because it kind of is XD

When I get super duper bored (and I don't feel like interacting with anyone that day), I randomly pick a friend off my buddy list, follow them, and if they're in the middle of something, stand around awkwardly and wait for them to finish. Once they finish, I leave. I'm honestly not sure why I do this... but it can be loads of fun XD

No joke, this actually happened once.

4. Do adventures

For me, a great way to de-stress is to go play the Forgotten Desert with my sis and a few of my buddies. Sometimes we would spemd up to two or three hours straight just playing the Forgotten Desert over and over again. Another great adventure is Bubble Trouble, which is easy and fun, plus, if you just generally dislike people, that adventure is the one for you!
5. Start blogging!
I'm pretty sure a lot of you who read this blog already have your own that you tend to, and in your case, just start a new and engaging post, the time just flies when you have fun.

If you don't have a blog already, make one! So what if you don't get a bajillion views straight out? As long as you have fun, it doesnt matter how famous or popular you are. This is an important lesson to learn.

This post's masterpiece is...

An amazing rendition of "A Sunday Afternoon" by windyciyblues. That's such a peaceful username, I love it!

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  1. Nice list! :D

    I'll have to try doing that stalking buddies one... XDD


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