Monday, August 08, 2016

How I Make my Outfits

Greetings all you wonderful Jammers!
Today (as you can tell from the title) I am going to be showing you how I make my looks. Now I'm not exactly what you'd call a "fashionista" but I have had some experience with fashion on AJ.So without further ado, here's how I make my looks on Animal Jam:

Now this one should be easy peasy, unless you have no idea if you should do a horse or a rabbit, in which case, I suggest a game of  Rock, Paper Scissors with a buddy to determine which one. If you want to make a main look, here are some animals to avoid (I mean, you could do these animals if you want to, but I never had, so good for you if your main look is on the list, because you've done what I never could do, and that is make a great look with that animal!)

And lions
These are hard for me to make looks with because there aren't many things that look good with these animals (especially the elephants). 

For my main look, I chose a purple colour as a main colour, and then added the grey later because I thought it looked best, making the purple stand out. Here are some other great colour schemes you could use:

Brown and red, plus white

Black and green, plus white

Black, grey, and white

Black and yellow

White, black and purple

White and brown (love this look, so comfy!)


It's always better to have a look through your inventory before heading for Jam Mart Clothing. Look specifically for things that fit into your colour scheme, say your colour scheme was black, grey and white, look for things that are those colours predominantly. If you absolutely cannot find anything with those colours, then have a look throught the Clothing Shop, but it isn't good to spend your hard earned gems on something that you don't necessarily need to buy.

Also, I should've mentioned this as one of the steps, but try to have a theme or a style. I was going for a sort of punk/ rebel vibe (not to say that worked out entirely).
Some other styles include cute:



Cutesy explorer

Cozy nerdy


And Bread.

 And now onto step four!

I chose to go with no pattern, because I'm more of a simple person. However, if you like to make looks with cool patterns, make sure to make the colour of your pattern one of the colours in your colour scheme. This is what Major Spiritmoon would look like if I had to choose a different pattern:

Ew. And that proves that if you don't have the right pattern, an otherwise good look could turn into a mess.

This is the step where you can take your awesome look, and see where you could improve it. Say, look for a neck item that might go with the theme a little bit better than what you have right now. Or change the colour of your base ever so slightly. It's these little changes that can make a world of difference!

And here is today's Amazing Masterpiece!

A very creative and original fox drawing by Nimadoodle (I love that name!)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Where did you find this masterpiece? I looked through her den and it is not there. Just wanna kinda, copy it. Will not be as detailed, I just have the gold frame traced, and have been looking for some drawing to put inside it, but it is too big when I click on it. Just wondering so it will be easier. (Fr0zenL0ver)

    1. It's actually at WisteriaMoon's den, on the left-most wall :)

  2. This was so informative! I love your animals looks!


    1. "L"? Wait, do you watch RiceGum? Sorry, I'm probably jumping to conclusions XD


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