Tuesday, August 09, 2016

My Animal Jam Tag

Greetings Jammers!
Today I have for you a list of ten questions that you may answer in the comments if you so wish. These questions are AJ related and I hope you have fun answering them!
My answers are below the questions and are not in bold.

1. What is your username on AJ?

My username is pinpun!
2. Can you explain how you got that username?

I'm not sure exactly... I just mashed two words together really...

3. Who is your BFF on AJ? (It could be more than one person)

I love all my buddies, but I don't think I'm close enough to anyone in particular except my sister

4. Do you have a blog? If so, link please!
Why yes, I do have a blog, it's called the Animal Jam Sage and you're in it right at this moment!
5. Who is your most "famous" buddy?

I would say either Nafaria9 or Elmshade (An artist and my inspiration)

6. When did you start playing Animal Jam?

Around 2011, 2012... I was seven at the time so I don't really remember!
7. What is your most favourite thing about AJ?

The masterpieces and the fact that there are so many nice people, if you just know where to look.

8. Least favourite thing about AJ?

Scamming, hacking, greed especially. Also the fact that some people just can't understand other's beliefs (being gay, a different race etc.)

9. Who is your idol in the AJ community?

Elmshade, Snowyclaw, or Naffy!
10. How many buddies do you have currently?

I have fourty eight buddies, but I try to keep it under fifty, so I'm getting a little close!

I hope you have fun answering these questions in the comments!

(PS. My apologies, I'm having a hard time with Blogger at the moment, please excuse the lousy formatting)


  1. Wow this is a pretty neat blog! I think I might stick around.

  2. 1. 2fangwolf
    2. Because uh, wolves have 2 big fangs. I was 9 okay.
    3. fallenhalos (aka Blasphemies), Psychedelia (met her right after beta!), Crystallizedrose & smartypawz
    4. ajsunshineblog.blogspot.com
    5. Smartypawz for sure.
    6. 2010
    7. The art and detail put into the game, and how it has brought so many like-minded people together.
    8. The concept of rares, for the most part.
    9. Naffy, snowyclaw & sage of the sea (my friend who quit YouTube recently)
    10. Around 135


    1. Hey! Psychedelia was my buddy for a while! cool :)



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