Friday, August 12, 2016

More Updates, Mini Rant-y Thing

Oh come on, there's no use in pretending anymore. 
I always try to keep these posts positive and upbeat, because those are the emotions that I want to spread and share, but I just need to get this off my chest.

I've been feeling under the weather, because of this:

Yay! News Crew winner, again! And again, it wasn't me.
I know this sounds  like I'm some sort of brat for not winning, and now I'm just going to complain on my blog for sympathy, but let me explain: 

I have been trying to get into News Crew for the longest time!

News Crew has basically become my life!

I spend hours perfecting an article!
 News Crew means so much to me. When I get on to the Daily Explorer every morning, there's always that one morning every three to four weeks when I have this feeling of apprehension, because I'm very excited to see who won, and I'm also pretty sure it isn't me.
It never is me.

Now, let me explain, it really isn't about the prizes for me. When you win the contest,  you get that cool camera badge and the plaque. These things would be nice to have, but for me it's really just getting featured on the DE. Because the DE is my favourite spot in the community of AJ. It's where I find the nice Jammers, the ones that may eventually become my friends.
I also really want Major Spiritmoon to have his/her picture up on a post.

However, if I do happen to find the username of the person who wrote the article, I usually send them a JAG congratulating them on a job well done. This time was no different.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for her, I'm not bitter at her, I'm actually very happy, so this congratulations was completely 100% honest. 

The thing is, it's just so hard to get your article published, there are probably tens of thousands of entries, but for some reason I just keep holding on and thinking that I will make the News Crew.

I'm not sure if I'll keep on writing articles for the contest, but something tells me I'll never give up until I get that article on the Daily Explorer.

Here's my losing article:

News Crew – Interview with an Athlete
Hiya there Jammers! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional athlete? Well, today I have with me a very special guest: Eternal Spiritmoon! She has competed in over fifty competitions worldwide, and this year, the Summer Games for Track and Field!
Eternal: Hey Jammers, how have your summer’s been so far?
So let’s get to the interview, shall we?
Major: What was the best advice that you’ve ever been given?
Eternal: Probably to never give up on your dreams, so many people do every day, and it’s important to not be one of those people!
Major: That’s some great advice! What do you think your greatest achievement to date is?
Eternal: That would have to be when I won a gold medal in the one hundred meter dash last year. What a thrill!
Major: What are some of your best memories as a professional athlete?
Eternal: Making the team for the Summer Games, as well as all of the friends I’ve made at competitions. They help me when I’m down, and cheer me on when I compete.
Major: Those must be great friends! And now for our last question, what got you interested in sports in the first place?
Eternal: Well when I was in school all of my friends told me how fast I was, me being a cheetah and all, so I tried out for a local team and trained hard, and now here I am!
Major: It was a pleasure talking to you Eternal!
Eternal: Thanks for having me Major.
All right jammers, now it’s time for a short quiz to see how well you payed attention to that pawsome interview! Question one: What sport does Eternal compete in? ……. If you answered Track and Field, you’re correct! Question two, what was the best advice Eternal has ever heard? DING DING DING! Time’s up. The answer is: To never give up on your dreams!
Great job to you, and good luck to Eternal in her future competitions!
-Major Spiritmoon

Today's masterpiece:



  1. I'm sorry, Pin. >.< It must be hard.

    But I think you should keep trying! AJ WILL choose your article. If they don't they're crazy. Your sports interview was amazing.

    I don't even try to write an article. I think "It's too much work." And you write for every one?! That's awesome! Go girl! <3

    Keep trying. You ARE going to make it. Believe in yourself. Have some faith. ^.^

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much DX

    2. Hey, you're welcome. :)

      What are friends for? ^.^

  2. Aww it's okay, I'm sure someday soon you will be selected! Just keep trying and keep up your AMZING work:)


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