Monday, December 12, 2016

Top 5 News Crew Articles on AJ

Hey dudes, I have a question for you today, so please answer in the comments if you'd like: How many people do you think have won News Crew in total? Now this is not counting all of the winners from other DEs such as Le Petit Explorateur, just the English servers :)

Now let's get in to the actual meat of this post (heehee, get it? 'Cause I'm vegetarian? Anyone? No? Ok.)

Now unfortunately, I cannot consider every single News Crew article ever written because after a certain point in time, (about two years) those articles get deleted off of the DE, and I'm not sure why, but maybe because there are simply too many articles. For this reason, it is impossible for me to consider articles such as snowyclaw's, simply because, well, I can't read it!

Coming in at 5th place we have.... slicecat's article on Jammer Comics!

This was the first article I had ever read that actually made my jaw drop. This is because slicecat actually walked away from all of the boring, overused cliched words that are overused (or were overused) in the older News Crew articles. They included the steps in an informative manner without boring the reader, and the screenshot was on pointe and inventive!

Aaaand here we have lucky number four.... Purrlo1n with her favourite spot in Jamaa!

Short and sweet is how she did it! (and how it should be done). The wow factor of this piece for me, was really the use of adjectives and the visuals given to the reader in such a short report.

In third place we haaaaave.... Little Thepig and her taking care of pets report!

Okay, I confess, part of the reason I included this one was because a non member actually got featured, but I swear, it's not the only one! The opening paragraph of this report really helped influence my opening paragraphs to my future articles. I was really struggling with how to open up my report to make it more interesting and pull you in. Little Thepig's report really helped me come up with gripping opening sentences (which is really what an essay is all about).

Number two... the big reveal!!... SmartyPawz article on Summer Games Events!

What an interesting, passionate article :) I always loved horseback riding! I also watched the video that SmartyPawz made about winning News Crew and I know how much work went into it. 

Um... sorry, but we have a tie for number one! I just couldn't decide!

The reason I chose this one for first (or at least tied for first) was because this topic actually involved a lot of thinking. You had to come up with a whole story to tell about an admittedly wide open subject, on top of making it under 250 words! This is an overwhelming task, and Nekaigo handled it amazingly well. Not only that, but they managed to make it thrilling, kid-friendly, and included some info about the (at the time) new lemurs all in four paragraphs!

And the last one that's tied for first place is...

I don't think you were expecting that. I mean there's nothing extraordinary about this article right? Well, you are right, there IS nothing extraordinary about it! Aside from the fact that the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraphs are perfect, as well as the info being perfectly on pointe :D
I have a feeling that this author was a little bit older than the ol' noob who plays AJ, because of the use of vocabulary such as "correspond".

*clears throat*, Also, this:

Yup. They plagiarised Twinkle's article. Well, truth be told, I'm actually friends with them now, but it was still not at all cool what they did...

Anyways, that about wraps up this post. Did you agree with my list? Heh, you probably do because I'm the only one THIS obsessed with News Crew :P

Today I had a really fun time hanging out with my buddy Attire, so I'm just going to dump a screenshot here and make you all jealous! (Just kidding, I love Attire though!)

Everyone's SHOOK!


  1. Nice post! I love that picture of you and Attire! Fancy koala outfits you have on there. XD

  2. Hi Pin! Just found your blog, for some reason I had no idea you had a blog O.o But I will check this one daily along with a handful of other blogs! :D

  3. Nekaigo is a boy XD But that was an interesting post :)

    1. What?! I watch his videos and I always thought he was a girl o.o

      Thanks for the correction though!


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