Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Charity Please?

Hey guys, this is sort of a sad post :(

So this is my buddy wefi:

Wefi has been my sister's good friends and then my friend for about a year now, and she just got scammed out of 120 den betas. Wefi was trading 120 den betas and a black long for an orange headdress. I gave her some of the things I could spare, but if any of you guys could give her anything, it would be greatly appreciated :D

It doesn't even have to be rare, just something to cheer her up maybe? Because she might be quitting if she can't figure this out.

The person who scammed her is called ajani05

So at least if you can't donate to Wefi, please at least report ajani05 for scamming, so at least she'll get suspended :)



  1. Im bad at commenting (Thats a fact) 120 WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT! Omg people these days. I would give my stuff so just look in my den or my list if you want anything :)

    Username Nafaria8


  2. 120 den betas?! Goodness, your poor friend :(


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