Saturday, December 31, 2016

"Famous Jammers" I Actually Like

Gosh I can't believe I'm actually writing this post :shakes head:

Anyways, if you'd like to escape from the drama ridden community that seems to be the AJ community right now, I have a couple of people for you to follow that just make great, original content and are drama free. Or at least, I think they're drama free. If they aren't then they're at least not the culprits, or "bad guys" in the events occurring.

Choruss is a really sweet girl, who isn't very active because she just doesn't enjoy all of the drama happening. She's bepper's best friend, which has helped her on the road to becoming a famous jammer, but has definitely earned her place. Her Instagram is full of positive and encouraging jammers just like her, and is a welcome refuge from the rest of the community.

All right, everyone knows this one, but I still have to include her, she's just one of the best people to ever join the world of AJ in my opinion; with her positive and upbeat yet soft style, as well as her art and her editing, snowyclaw is a real gem in the messiness of the AJ life.

Blue is a really great person to follow if you enjoy videos that are informative, silly, and fun. Although she doesn't upload all that much, her videos are amazingly edited, and she seems like a fun person to be around!

Fallschapter runs sort of almost an Aparri fan account, except that account is her personal one on Instagram XD She really tries to promote positivity and can see the good in everyone (especially the big fish, like Aparri and Skorm). Her posts are funny and almost completely drama-free.

Foxbeats is one of the best artists on all of Animal Jam!! These are a few of they're paintings:

If you feel like a nice, drama-free, masterpiece-centered channel, this person is for you!

Piano is really there to make those good quality skits that make you genuinely laugh, because she's a fun, caring, good person.

I believe RockabillyKitty is Piano's sister, but I'm not completely sure :l. Anyways, that doesn't really matter. She's taken a break after a while, but has come back smoothly. She uploads interesting, and informative videos, so you should definitely check her out!

From what I've seen, Gellyjones just wants to have fun and make people laugh! She has great content on Youtube, and doesn't really seem to care about all of the drama going on in the community nowadays.

There's probably a whole bunch more popular people who have no connection to drama whatsoever, but to be honest, I couldn't find them! So leave your suggestions in the comments below, because I desperately need to add to this small list!



  1. Oh yes!! Foxbeats is soooo good at art :D

  2. Gellyjones is my 2nd favorite WHY ISN'T JULIAN ON THISSSSS XDD

    1. Well... because he WAS involved in some drama way back when, so I didn't include him for that reason.


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