Monday, January 02, 2017

A Tour of Snowyclaw's "Hogwarts" Den

Hey dudes!
For the last little while, Snowyclaw's den has been locked, so only her buddies can access it. This made me wonder what huge project she had been working on. Well, recently, she has just unlocked the den, so I had to check it out!
Turns out, she was building a Hogwarts in her Gilbert Den, how cool :O
So here's a tour of the castle:

In the largest part of the den there are huge feast tables for each of the four houses

 At the front of the Great Hall is Dumbledore's podium, as well as a large feast table for the teachers. Throughout the great hall hang the banners of each of the houses as well.

Behind the kitchens sits the Hufflepuff common room.

Up in one of the "towers" is the Ravenclaw common room, which includes many books and a ton of blue... well, everything!

 In the other tower sits Gryffindor's common room (of course it's one of the largest ones). Snowyclaw even included some of Fred and George's fireworks in the corner! Can you find them?

She even included the flying car in the whomping willow!! The attention to detail in this den is really impressive.

 Off to the side of the den lies Hagrid's Cabin. It's rather small, but I think it's supposed to be far away :P

The forbidden forest is pretty chilly around this time of year, I guess!

The Slytherin common room has the largest amount of space by far. I boasts a warm fireplace, comfy chairs, and lots and lots of potion paraphernalia.

 The Slytherin common room is by far my favourite part of the den, even though I'm not a Slytherin (Ravenclaw all the way!)

Anyways, that was the Snowyclaw den tour, hope you enjoyed the post!


  1. Funny how I'm watching Harry Potter as I read this...


  2. Whats Hogwarts? Even though I have NO IDEA what it is. Its a really cool den! :)

    1. It's from Harry Potter, which is a really popular series everywhere really XD

  3. *Sees Post* *Clicks as fast as possible* *Reads first line* *Runs to the computer as fast as possible to get in the den* *Gets in the den* *Runs around like a weirdo* *Remembers post* *Returns* ITS SO BEAUTIFUL.

  4. That's so cool! Even though I don't read Harry Potter, I still can't believe all the detail!!!!

    1. Ikr? It's so amazing, I love snowyclaw :O

  5. I can't say I like Harry Potter (the opposite actually :P), but Snowyclaw (as always) literally turned this den into a masterpiece :D

  6. Pin? Everything all right? You haven't posted for almost a month!

    1. Yeah, sorry about that! I find that if I announce my hiatuses (hiati?) that I tend to come back rather quickly. I will be back eventually, but right now I'm focusing on my French language development as well as helping some of my friends try to get through some hard times :)

    February FEBRUARY 8!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!


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