Thursday, June 23, 2016

Updates and Contests!

All right Jammers! 
It's been two weeks and AJHQ has finally come out with another update! It's all right, I guess... nothing too fancy. Let's have a look shall we?

Well, to all you people who have never had a spike before, here's your chance! Ugh this whole spike hype that AJHQ is going through is kind of weird to be honest. Every contest they post on Instagram had a spike and community contest plaque up for grabs. It's just getting a bit boring for me...

Ooh, new den, huh? Let's check it out!

Hmm... okay I'm reserving judgment on this one, just like Peck's den. It's a pretty good concept, and I like that it isn't gigantic, like some of the dens we see ( *cough* *cough* sky kingdom *cough*). Mehh... I'm kinda critical of AJHQ right now, aren't I? Sorry. 

Cool, a Freedom Party! Again. Just like all of the other years. I'm not American, so it doesn't really matter to me, honestly. Also, all of those decorations in Jamaa Township? I'm not hating or anything, but the colours just do not go with the rest of the colour scheme of the world... 
Also, pet penguins are on sale! I have a special connection to penguins, yay!

Hey, this new Wild Explorers tent is pretty snazzy huh? Fun place to hang out with your buddies, huh? Also, books!!!! Pinpun approves.
It's also reasonably big

Umm... this was implemented a while ago, why are they telling us about it now? No matter, it's still awesome. You can have multiple copies of your work to give or trade away. The new frame on the right also reminds me of Minecraft for some reason...

Spoiler in 3.....2.....1.....
It's a sloth. Yipee. I mean, I love sloths and all, but there are just way too many animals. I really miss the ol' days when there were only a couple of animals to choose from, and you could still get these gift cards with lions on them and their name tags read "King of the Jungle". I don't mean to brag by saying this, honestly. This game is becoming like Minecraft. They added to much stuff and it ruined the nice, simplistic style that I knew and loved. 
Enough ranting, on with the post Pin.

After that page, there's just a page advertising the gift cards that everybody already knows about... That's about it, really. 

The DE Jammer Snaps contest was announced.

For some reason, they didn't blur out the usernames... 
I didn't enter this one, I was too lazy.

Pinpun out, and have a wonderful two weeks without me, because I'm going on vacation!


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