Monday, August 29, 2016

The Animal Jam Community

Ahhh yes *stretches to get ready to furiously type away at my keyboard*

Large, big unruly mess of animals wearing human clothes.

That's probably how I would sum up the AJ community as a whole if I were talking to a friend.
However the community (or any community for that matter) is much more than a "big mass of people". It's made up of individuals who may not fit any single category.

Now, about these categories. When I was still pretty young, I believed that everyone on AJ had a specific job or function. These functions being:

1. Scammer

2. Girly Girls

3. Hosts/hostesses

4. Traders

5. Role players

6. Noobs

7. Snobs

8. Weirdos

Anyone see a problem here?

Well, I see two. One is that there are people who just plain don't fit into any of these categories. The other problem is that some people can fit into two or more categories.

For instance, I was a scammer back then. Yes, I'll admit it, I scammed people occasionally. Maybe two or three people in total, but that still constitutes scamming. In addition to my disgusting habit, I also roleplayed occasionally, made " girly dens and outfits", and hosted a couple of trading parties.

If somebody was a scammer before, but not anymore, then who's to say that they'll scam again? I certainly haven't.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the people on AJ, or the world really, aren't just made up of this label or that label. We are individuals who should be celebrated for who we are.

Now if we understood that, I think that AJ would be a much better place, because we would accept each other, nobody will get left out, and everybody would enjoy the game much more :)

Just a thought.


Today's masterpiece is a little different. It was made by my friend slicecat for me (who doesn't read this blog).

:D :D :D


  1. My opinions exactly. Animals wearing human clothes. My friends did play aj for a week so they have a slight idea what im talking about :D

    1. XD Ans sometimes they aren't even humann clothes, like the phoenix armour and epic pizza hat XD


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