Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Opinion on Memberships

Hold up! Is that a new animal I see? An arctic wolf?? Yes, this is a new look I have made, but I don't know if I'll keep it, I just thought it looked pretty cool :P

Anyways, back to the main topic.

The reason I was motivated to write this post was because of this comment I saw left on a Google+ post earlier this week:

See the problem?

This "Fuzzy" person was saying that it was perfectly fine to discriminate against non members, simply because they didn't have a membership.

They also said that a lot of the nonmembers were "salty" and "whiny" and said that "AJHQ shut them up with the pigs".

Ok, ok, back up there, person.

First of all, it's not your business as to why people don't buy memberships. They could be facing financial issues at home, or their parents won't let them. Or maybe, they simply don't play often enough to bother buying a membership. 

"Excluding nms ain't no problem".

Okay, bud, here's the thing: First of all, it's "Excluding non members isn't a problem".
Second of all, if they're already excluded in everything, then that should be a reason to not exclude them any more than they already are. You just disproved your own point.

Also, Wildwork's intention when making AJ was not to exclude non members, it was to motivate people to buy memberships, hence the extra items, extra pets, etc.
So no, just because non members have less DOES NOT  mean that you have a right to exclude them from your party, fashion show, etc.

The point that "all nms are salty and whiny" is completely false. I have had countless amazing non member buddies, none of them were salty and whiny.

When I had a headdress, the only people who asked to "borrow it" or "try it on" were members. 
(If you don't already know this, those people were trying to scam me)

Now, that isn't to say that all members are salty and whiny, but being salty and whiny is not excusive to non members.

Oh, and one last thing. The point about non members being shut up with the pigs. I'll let you know that PIGS ARE THE CUTEST THINGS ON AJ  

Here's the proof, bub:

Having a cuteness overload yet, huh?
The pigs were a very well-made animal as well. The sloths were a bit creepy to some people and had a lot of issues with glitches.

So just remember, think before writing your comments, because those comments made a lot of people upset and angry.

If you're a non member and feel excluded and alone, consider visiting this blog for help:

The author doesn't post anymore, but some of the older posts are really good, so you should check it out.
On a slightly happier note, while my sister was playing today, we got a couple of cool selfies with the Ajhq account:

Well, I can cross that off my bucket list :)

Today's masterpiece:

Artist is Artymis
Just blown away. ^O^



  1. I love your new outfit!
    I agree with what you've said entirely. I used to run the "Color Charity" which gave colored items to NM in exchange for their default colored ones. Like, a black necklace for the plain red necklace. We also had a den full of free things for NM that were all donated by members of the charity. The page for this is still on my blog, but the charity is no longer running since NM can change item colors now.
    Anyways, great post. The pigs are really cute btw ^^.

    1. Thank you! That charity is a really great idea :D

  2. I think that it's fair to make memberships so then AJHQ can make money, but at this point its stupid since the people who pay for them think they can boss around non members. Its stupid. Although they need to make money, and they are inforcing NO BULLYING, "THY SHALL REMOVETH LE MEMERSHIPITH!"

    Sorry I was just watching some cartoon and they were talking like that >.>


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