Thursday, July 28, 2016

News Crew Winner

Yay! Another News Crew winner! And this time it was my buddy, animaljamoink, who runs an organization for giving rares to people. Go read their Jammer Wall to find out more!
Anyways, here's the article:

This was a fun article to read, and so refreshing because they're usually kind of bland. I mean, they're all unique, but this one is more different than the others I guess. 

However I feel like I must point this out: The person didn't use proper punctuation and forgot to capitalize their "Is". Sorry!

Anyways, here's my failed entry (which I'm happy didn't win because it was pretty bad).

News Crew – Shark Awareness
Hey Jammers! Have you ever wondered what it’s like in the lowest point of Jamaa: The Deep Blue? Well, I was wondering the same thing, so I took a trip down there to visit some of my shark buddies and ask them a couple questions about their lives as sharks in the deep depths of the ocean. Here are some of the questions I asked them:
Lieutenant Vonflower: What is your favourite thing in the Deep Blue?
Captain Vonbrave: I think I would have to say all of the amazing creatures! Some of them are a little odd looking I’ll admit, such as the Gulper Eel.
Duchess Sillybird: I love playing games with my buddies here, especially hide-and-seek. There are so many cool hiding places!

Lieutenant Vonflower: Some jammers stay away from the Deep Blue because they think sharks are mean or bullies, what do you say to that?
Captain Vonbrave: We certainly are not! Maybe it’s just our big teeth…
Duchess Sillybird: I agree with Admiral, we’re really nice if you get to know us. And I play a killer game of Four Gem!
Lieutenant Vonflower: Well, I think you guys are really kind jammers for the record. And finally we have our last question. Is it true that sharks don’t sleep?
Captain Vonbrave: Haha, well, we do sleep. But sometimes with only half our brain!
Daredevil Glamstar: We are essentially asleep, but some parts of our brain are still alert. Pretty pawsome, right?
Lieutenant Vonflower: It certainly is! Thanks for talking to me today Duchess and Captain, and don’t forget to JAM ON!

Cringy, right?

Anyways, pinpun out!

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