Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aparri VS. Julian2 Controversy

I'm back! How was Jamaa friends?
Now I realize that this is an old rivalry is probably over by the time I've gotten to it, but these are the things that interest me. 

Also, I'm going to try not to hate on any one person in this... situation, because I'm not them, and they aren't me. I know it says in the "a bit about me" section that I am a proud Julian2 bean, but that fact will stay redundant for this post.

Here's a little backstory on this issue:

Julian recently posted a picture with an amazingly long caption on Instagram. He has since deleted the post, but his main points were about how Aparri has been copying both him and WisteriaMoon in the content that he puts out. He also said that Aparri constantly uses click bait in his videos and rips off Wisteria's thumbnails constantly. 

Here is an excerpt o his post.

I'm very happy that Julian didn't talk trash about Aparri, mostly because it would've brought on a whole lot more of a mountain of hate for him. 

I'm honestly kind of tired of all of this drama in the Animl Jam community. Julian is trying to make interesting videos, Aparri is trying to make videos. Why can't they let each other create the videos that they want to create?

However the points that Julian raised in his post intrigued me, so I took two videos; an Aparri one:

Watch it *(here)*

And a Julian2 one:

Watch it *(here)*

Then, I compared them side-by-side to discover all of the differences and similarities between the two videos.

First, we have the actual list itself:

Aparri's list:
1. Famous Jammer Looks
2. Must Show off the Rares Look
3. Cute Fox Look
4. Clanner Looks

Julian2's List:
1. Arctic Wolf with Spike Look
2. Eight Year old Girl's First Week on Animal Jam Look (lol)
3. Same Thing as Number two, but for a Boy
4. Eight Year Old Girl's Second Week on AJ
5. Fox with a Spike
6. Crazy Panda Look
7. Cram all of the Rares on Look
8. Red and Black, only.
9. The People Who Can't Get Spikes so They Have to Make Due with a Diamond Shop Spike Look
10. The Artsy Twelve Year Old Girl in a Nutshell (lol)

The first thing I notice when comparing these two lists is that Julian's list is much much longer. I have to give him credit for that because he spent a lot of time coming up with those things. However I think in overall accuracy, the medal would have to go to Aparri. Julian's "spike outfits" definitely hit the mark though. The only one I see repeated was the "must show off rares look"

Also, when I watch these two together, I definitely notice that Aparri is more relaxed with his audience, talking about whatever comes to his mind, while Julian's video is clearly scripted and enunciated.

I think that Aparri sort of throws together some of his videos and does an incredible amount of work on others, making me have to sort of sift through his account to find the good content, which Julian points out in his Instagram post. So that point is definitely true for me. 

I also sort of have a problem with the Aparri fan girls, more so that they're kind of annoying and I don't usually go down into the comments section because of them. 

Overall, I don't really hate either of them, they just are what they are, of course, I'll always be a proud Julian2 bean, but I'm not sure if I'll ever subscribe back to Aparri, not that I have any reason not to.



  1. I personally enjoy Julian2's videos more so than Aparri's since I think Julian put more effort and thought into his videos.

  2. Yeah, I get that. I really think I get it all. Aparri does totally run out of ideas... (I sympathize, dude.) But that is no excuse for putting out bad videos! No videos at all would be better. His "War On Animal Jam" just turned me off, big-time. He does sing well, though... XD If it's even him, that is. (I personally think "Fight Song" was autotuned, but it's still impressive.) You seen that vid?

    1. I feel you bro (0<>0)
      (lol what is that emoji thing?!)

    2. And no, I don't believe I have seen it :/ I will.

  3. Even though Aparri may seem like he is stealing Julian's videos, it's because we are a community. Who was the first blogger? Fuzzy Shyivy. Did we make a blog because she did? Yes. Did SHE complain? NO. Bepper is Aparri's sister, so she made a drama rant video. She said if YOU have some things to say, don't say it at all. Just TALK to the person who is annoying you. Now, if they are like a scammer, hacker, or bully you should be aware of, it's okay to put it in public. But just like this: WARNING! HACKER! STAY SAFE!


    1. Okay, I'm not sure if you hate me now because of this post but... did you notice that I've been trying to stay neutral, and that I don't actually hate Aparri? He's just not my favourite Youtuber. And my personal opinion is that it's fine to post your opinions about things on your blog, as long as you don't openly insult anyone or hurt anybody's feelings. Something tells me that comparing Aparri's videos to Julian2's are not going to anger or upset either of them.
      The real point of this post (sorry for not making it clear) was to notify the community of how many ideas have already been used, and to compare the videos to see if Aparri was actually copying Julian. My conclusion was that he WAS NOT. Please pay more attention to the wordings on my posts in the future.

  4. I used to be a aparri fan girl then i found julian and started to watch him more and realized they were stealing eachothers ideas :I i agree with this.

  5. Jisteria for life, I'm a bean and Julian is better than aparri


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